Business Printer Repair


We offer professional out of warranty repair service for all Epson F2000/F2100 models.

Is your Epson F2000/2100 out of warranty?

Our technicians have over 20 years of IT experience and over 10 years of experience repairing and re-building the Epson F2000/2100 platform.

Our work will be done in a professional and timely manner. We are so proficient, that we do not charge labor for diagnosing problems, or for issues that cannot be fixed.

We guarantee a working printer at a more affordable price than any competitor. Give us a call @ 778-847-3418 or send us a message to discuss your issue.

"Isaac fixed my completely clogged F2100 2 days after our initial call for almost $1500 cheaper than the quote I received calling support. I couldn't be happier!" - Jan 2022

We're so happy, you have no idea! - Still North Design Co. - - Mar 2022

Quotes to fix the Epson F2000/2100's from others can often be as high as $3000-5000+

These quotes will often claim to replace “only the parts we need”. However, often, all the parts listed on the quote end up on the bill, whether they needed replacing or not. Our depth of experience and hands on knowledge of these machines, allow us to determine which parts are truly the issue, saving you money on unnecessary replacements.

Our in-house team of eight Epson F2000s have not needed a print head replacement in over 5 years and more than 100K garments, due to our diagnostic skills. This is a $4500 repair, that is frequently recommended by other service companies, and rarely needed.

You can trust the technicians at BestShirtWorld to repair only what you need to save you $$$

We Service ALL Error Codes

  • 1138 CR Motor Overcurrent
  • 113A CR Motor Overload
  • 113B CR Motor Over Speed
  • 113E CR Motor Velocity Deviation
  • 122A TF Motor Overload
  • 141A Pump Motor Overload
  • 1433 Left Ink Holder Assembly
  • 1429 Circulation Motor Oscillation
  • 1621 Pressurizing Motor / Suction
  • 1A39 Head Error
  • CSIC Error
  • AC shut-off
  • CWIP Velocity Deviation
  • D197 Print Driving Timeout

We fix ALL partial or complete nozzle issues

Our Printer Repair Support Services Include:

  • Onsite Printer Setup and Repair
  • No charge diagnostics for unknown issues
  • Complete Printer Rebuild
  • Professional Cleaning/Preventative Maintenance
  • Printer configuration issues / Software Installation
  • Technical Advice

We are located in South Surrey British Columbia servicing most of the Pacific Northwest.