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At BSW, we love creativity, uniqueness, innovation and design. After growing up as fans in the pop culture heyday of the 80's and 90's, we started developing our geek skills in the IT, graphic, and web industries. In 2012, we started out as a small, family operation out of a small apartment. Over the years we have grown and expanded multiple times from building a shop in a house garage, to a small home, and now in our exclusive warehouse where we have been running strong for several years.


We take on all jobs, big or small, support local businesses, artists, as well as schools, events and clubs. We can customize anything, and specialize in personalizing one, ten, or even 10,000 garments to your specification. Let us know your ideas, thoughts, or plans, and we'll help you get there!

Modern Digital Printers

We have 8 commercial grade printers configured, linked, and customized that allow us to blast out prints like a tennis ball launcher on steroids. We are equipped with partially automated garment treatment machines, automatic shirt folders, packing machines, and conveyor belt systems that provide a fast, streamlined service.

High Capacity Drying System

All those printers are supported by our blue hulk; an over 5 foot wide, 50 foot long professional dryer that can rapidly cure the inks in no time.

Multiple Garment Capability

We have multiple sizing print surface platens, which make printing on different sizes, or garment types, a breeze. We can be printing a unique design, size, color, or shirt style on each one of our printers simultaneously, without issue.

Complete Fulfillment Services

We have multiple of these stations that allow for pre orders, garment prep, packing and fulfillment.

What are you waiting for?

Are you an artist wanting to sell your own designs? We can help. 

We support artists and don’t source out any of their designs to 3rd party fulfillment centers. We have 10 years of experience printing hundreds of thousands, professionally customized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, leggings, constructed over a wide variety of cotton and synthetic blends. We've had a personal, hands on approach since our humble beginnings, learned countless tricks of the trade by doing it ourselves and have become mad scientists in our own right.

Read our Print on Demand article to learn more about how you can start our own business selling designs.